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15 January 2006

My life has been nothing but changes for the last 20 months; first, a new job with ThoughtWorks which meant a new lifestyle of travel and consulting, and then a series of projects and cities and travel arrangements that is still making my head spin. (The final count is six projects for five clients in five cities).

My wife and I aren’t really the right sort of people to enjoy a travel schedule like that, so we spent most of that time trying to find a way to mitigate the discomfort that it brought, and in the end, gave up. And thus that time of change has ended: I am no longer a ThoughtWorker, as of last Friday.

But that, of course, brings about a new time of change. I start tomorrow (Monday) with NetJets, which I’m really excited about (although they may make me wear a suit). Kristina and I have found a very nice apartment in Columbus, she’s looking for a job, and we’re both re-learning how to live with each other. It’s another time of change but we both believe that after this one our lives will settle down to a normal pace-of-change, and we need that.

To add to the changes of this time, I’ve re-implemented this site in TextPattern, mainly so I can start blogging, as I am now. This is a long-overdue task, and I’ll be posting soon about why it was overdue and what made me finish it. I also hope to post on other topics such as insights about life, goings-on in our lives, the tagging plugin I wrote for textpattern, etc. etc. etc. We’ll see if I keep it up :)

For those of you who want to follow along automatically, the preferred way is to use the Atom feed (or the RSS feed, which doesn’t validate), but you can also sign up for email notifications using the form over in the sidebar.

So Hello, World. Here’s hoping that this more-sane travel schedule will also mean I have time for more of the things I want to do.

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