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3 February 2006

  1. I’m not reading any of my (30) RSS feeds any more. (It’s amazing how disconnected I am from the geek world, now.) I’ve stopped because I can’t find a decent web-based feed reader anywhere. I usually use Thunderbird, which does it just right, but then my feeds are tied to a particular machine and I switch machines (and logins!) too often for that to be acceptable. In the meantime, I’m working on writing my own web-based reader and once it’s done I’ll switch to it. (If you’re interested, my reader is written in Ruby on Rails, and it will work much like Thunderbird, but in a browser.)
  2. Matt and I are slowly working on a wishlist app so we have a good way to keep and publish and track our wishlists. This seems like an obvious thing that ought to already exist, but it doesn’t. I’ve been using Amazon’s but they seem to enjoy making it less-useful occasionally, and it won’t let me track things that aren’t available on So again, once this new one is developed I’ll switch to it.
  3. I will eventually be converting my existing gallery to ZenPhoto, because Gallery sucks. The only reason I haven’t switched before this is that there wasn’t a better product out there.
  1. Amitai Schlair says:

    I would like to comment in the following ways (and will now allow myself):

    * Please notify me when I can use your feed reader. It’ll be probably be awesome enough to make me revisit my reading habits (such as they are these days, with schoolwork out the wazoo).

    * The wishlist app, too.

    * Also when ZenPhoto does what you want.

    * Also also, what did you do to enable comments? I never went to the trouble because it didn’t seem worth the trouble, but if you’ve figured out how to do it safely, then maybe.

  2. Nathan Arthur says:

    I am now having replied:

    * Will do. Features of interest? You know that my big one is to have the linked page show by default.

    * Yep. That one will be slower.

    * Soon, hopefully :)

    * I’ve added you as a freelancer to my txp site – you should be able to log in and take a look, now.

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