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3 March 2006

...from my new NetBSD machine, running Firefox on X, that is :)

Just a quick note to the geeks out there that I’ve gotten X working on my NetBSD machine, along with:

  • Xfce as the window manager, although I tried KDE and Gnome also
  • XDM as the machine logon screen
  • Firefox as the browser
  • Java 1.5 working as a Firefox plugin (which required Linux emulation, via Suse)
  • Thunderbird as the email client
  • OpenOffice as the office suite
  • The BitStream fonts so web pages don’t look ugly

So that’s pretty cool – I was just able to log in graphically, check my email using Thunderbird, open a Word doc attachment and make changes. Then, just for kicks, I played some online java games, to prove that I could :)

But here’s the best part: I did (nearly) all of it using pkgsrc, just by typing “make install” in the right places. (And yes, the linux emulation just happened automagically.) Damn, but I love NetBSD.

  1. Amitai Schlair says:

    Sweet. Sounds like you’re doing the Linux firefox-bin and not the NetBSD-native firefox? If you care enough about a native browser that runs Java applets, Konqueror (from KDE) will use whatever JVM you provide it. You probably care more about Firefox, though. :-)

    qmail yet? Or is that a job for Tuesday evening?

  2. Nathan Arthur says:

    Yes, firefox-bin. I actually started with the native firefox, before I realized that I needed to have made a choice already.

    Konqueror is installed, but you’re right that I’d prefer Firefox.

    qmail seems like a good idea for Tuesday, yes.

  3. Matt McElheny says:

    So, did you add it to your documentary yet?

  4. Nathan Arthur says:

    No, it’s not in the documentary. But you have prompted me to put it back online, over on the about page.

  5. Nathan Arthur says:

    P.S. – I love your email address :)

  6. Amitai Schlair says:

    Poking around in your “Agile for Managers” TiddlyWiki, I’m thinking that’d be a nice thing to do with your NetBSD Word doc. Or perhaps a more typical wiki. Certainly I will want to steal parts of it down the road, when NetBSD’s wiki/blog/web are all managed in ikiwiki. :-)

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