In Loving Memory

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23 May 2006

Anna Torontali

March 4th, 1930
Budapest, Hungary

May 20th, 2006
Cleveland, Ohio

  1. Steven Torontali says:

    She lived with me for 14 years, My loving mother, my friend and at times, drove me insane.
    She suffered much in the last year and she courageously fought her illness and tried to sustain a level of dignity through those many years.Her family was her reason to live. Her grandchildren was the greatest joy in her life.

    Being a Yogi, I would spend countless hours discussing and explaining the path of our souls spiritual progress and why we place ourselves on this mud ball called earth. That this world is a amusement park, tied to the five senses and not our real home. We journey here thousands of reincarnations seeking true happiness and unconditional love only to experience heartaches and sufferings. Until we reach a point that we had enough experiences and our intuition tells us to seek liberation from these endless cycles. A Yogic saying “ Find God NOW or in a thousand lifetimes.”

    I would tell her about all the thousands of near death experiences “NDRs” and books describing how beautiful it is and that the departed souls take on a physical form most appealing to them. My mother would patiently listen and after I poured my heart out to her, she would say in Hungarian “ that’s nice Steve, but I think your full of Sh….t!”. I never gave up trying.

    In the hospital room were my mother passed over and while she was still in her bed. We gathered to say our goodbyes.
    Agnes, recommended that we call our friend Thomas, who has a psychic gift.

    I will relate only one of the many conversations that we had. My mother said that my father came with an angel and the angel pulled her soul out of the body and that the three of them, are in this very room now. I asked Thomas if she could ask a question for my mother to answer that only I would would be able to understand as proof that it is her.

    This was the response from my mother; “ Tell Pitu, Hungarian for Steven, tell him that he was right! It is beautiful here and I’m young and strong with no pain, I’m with his father and we are like two newly weds young and happy.”

    God Bless All

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