Back from Hawaii

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24 June 2006

We’re back from Hawaii, and Holly and Jim are married. Coincidence? I think not!

We had an awesome time out there. We spent a week on Waikiki Beach (which is in Honolulu, on Oahu, in Hawaii). We climbed a crater, went snorkeling, went to a Luau, spent time with an old friend, watched Holly marry an awesome guy named Jim (a.k.a. Jamie), relaxed a lot, fell in love with Banyan trees, ate good food, saw the sights, and generally just enjoyed the perfect weather, friendly people, and lack of stress :)

As you might have guessed, the links above are to pictures. Check those out, and also check out some of my favorites.

While I was at it, I posted some pictures that were sitting in the camera. They can be found in the main album. Be sure to check out these portraits to see the real Jim :)

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