Planting Instructions for Hostas

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6 May 2007

…as learned by my wife, in class at OSU, the other day:

  1. Dig a hole (you should have known that)
  2. Point the green part up (ditto)
  3. Cover the stringy part with dirt (ditto again)
  4. Keep it watered (the part people tend to forget)

These instructions are from the Bridgewood Gardens Hosta Catalog, and they have a bit more detail if you follow the link :)

(By the way – Kristina is taking classes at OSU, leading to either a second degree or a master’s degree, in landscape horticulture (probably). It looks like a great program.)

  1. Marilyn says:

    It would be really hard to write much about how to plant hostas. They’re pretty indestructible! I kept a batch in my trunk for a week or more once, dug holes, stuck them in, watered them and they grew beautifully. If you want to get really serious you can follow the instructions below to divide them.

    1. Dig the plant up.
    2. Cut or tear it into pieces with some green parts and some stringy parts in each piece.
    3. Dig more holes.
    4. Follow steps 2-4 above.

  2. Matt says:

    Haha. Now get this – Beth was doing some weeding the other day with Ian helping. Soon after, Ian was permitted to go out in the backyard to play. However, instead of playing he choose to do some more “weeding”... of our hostas. Indestructible my hiney… just let my first-born at those pesky buggers! And, the great thing about weeding hostas is – there’s not stickers so you don’t even have to wear gloves.

  3. Klettergriffe says:

    Thanks for the info.

    Peter :-)

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