Vegetarian: Days 12-ongoing

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2 March 2008

(continued from Days 8-11)

Ok, I slacked off and haven’t kept up with the daily food log. Somewhat that’s because I’m lazy, somewhat because I’ve been too busy, and somewhat because I’ve been on-and-off sick for the last week. (I don’t think it’s related to the vegetarianism – a lot of people at work have been sick.)

But I do have some highlights for you:

  • We’ve started making home-made pancakes occasionally, using this recipe. They are fantastic.
  • I ate lunch at McCormick & Schmick’s twice in a row; once by surprise when my boss’s boss called a last-minute lunch meeting. They don’t have a single item on the menu that’s vegetarian. The first time I went, I just asked them to take the meat off the caesar salad, forgetting that caesar dressing has anchovies. Oops. The next time, I just asked the waiter to have the chef make up a vegetable pasta for me, and it turned out fantastic.
  • Speaking of lunch, buying lunch from the in-house food vendors continues to be a pain, but I continue to do it.
  • We ordered Chinese food the other day, and I ordered a dish that sounded interesting (“bean curd in spicy sauce”)… but turned out to be soft cubes of tofu in a mild brown sauce, with rice. About as bland as food gets, although it wasn’t actually bad. Hm.
  • Our general restaurant habits have changed a bit. We don’t really go to the places that Kristina doesn’t like (and that I used to like) anymore… because I don’t like them either. That’s going to be a tough one to figure out if/when I go back to eating meat.
  • I’ve been pondering whether I want to go back to eating meat. On one hand, it’s much, much easier, and I’m essentially lazy, so that’s very motivational. On the other hand… my lactose intolerance seems to have gone away. The issue isn’t conclusively decided yet, but I’m experimenting to see if it’s really gone, and so far it looks to be safe for me to eat all sorts of dairy.

Man, what a choice: meat or dairy! Or, in other words: steak or ice cream! More on this to come, I’m sure.

I’ll post again as I have more news. Now that we’re in March, I’m over the halfway point, but only by a bit. There’s still quite a ways to go.

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