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15 January 2007

To learn more about tru_podcast, check out the introductory article, the feature list, or the usage instructions.

Current Release

tru_podcast 1.2 (download)

Forum announcement

In case anyone (ahem, schmonz) is still using this, it has been updated to work under Textpattern 4.4.1.

Previous Releases

tru_podcast 1.1 (download)

Forum announcement

This release makes a few behind-the-scenes changes to improve tru_podcast’s compatibility with iTunes and other podcast clients. It also adds a few configuration options for tailoring the links that are generated, but it’s very unlikely that you’ll need them. There are no new user-visible features, but I recommend that you upgrade so iTunes (and others) work correctly.

tru_podcast 1.0 (download)

Forum announcement

There were no bugs reported in v0.9, so this release adds a few features to improve Textpattern integration:

  • tru_podcast now works with files uploaded via Textpattern’s “Files” interface:
    • You can put a file index number (like “5”) into the tru_podcast custom field, and tru_podcast will convert it to the appropriate URL in RSS/Atom feeds and in calls to tru_podcast_link and tru_podcast_get_url.
    • tru_podcast will determine the correct mime-type for files uploaded via Textpattern’s “Files” interface. (This works around a bug in Textpattern.)
  • You can use relative URLs for files hosted on your web server

tru_podcast 0.9 (download)

Forum announcement

Initial “beta” release with support for a single enclosure specified by a custom field, and with some basic tags for referencing that enclosure in posts.

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