New Gwen pictures!

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6452 days ago

Erica posted some new pictures of Gwen (and grandma, and aunt, and dad, and …) over on Gwen’s site.

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6469 days ago

I’ve rapidly realized that “niece” is not a word that one often finds oneself writing, until one has one. (A niece, that is.) It’s a strange word.

(But I like it.)

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Baby Gwendolyn is here!

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6469 days ago

My niece was born last Thursday, at 2:31 in the afternoon. She was 8 pounds 14 ounces, and 21 inches long. She is of course, adorable.

Welcome to the world, Gwendolyn! We’re all glad you’re here :)

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Baby Gwendolyn is near!

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6508 days ago

Gwendolyn ultrasound

Did I mention that I’m going to be an uncle soon? If not, I’d like to introduce you to baby Gwendolyn Elizabeth Arthur, weighing in at 5.5 pounds and -3 weeks (or so) old. She’s my youngest sister Erica’s baby (with some help from my best friend from elementary school, Rowan).

(For all of you who read this blog via the email feed, you probably can’t see the picture. Check out the website instead.)

Gwen, welcome to the world! I hope it’s ready for you ;)

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