tru_tags: Roadmap

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10 November 2007

To learn more about tru_tags, check out the other tru_tags articles on this site.

This post contains an up-to-date list of all the (as-yet-unimplemented) feature requests that I’m aware of, with a rough indication of the order that I plan to implement them. If you have additional feature requests or want to suggest reprioritization of one of the features below, please add a post to the forum thread for this plugin. I’ll see it and update this page, and others will see the request also.

Group 1

  • Fix txp:older and txp:newer, and the broken limit attribute
  • Make txp:page_url work with tru_tags clean urls (see the forum post)
  • Add texttransform="capfirst" to tru_tags_tag_parameter (see forum post)
  • Make it possible to show a tag list in a popup (option/value) (see forum post)

Group 2

  • Limit cloud to tags from X recent articles, or within X time period
    • Order list by (oldest? newest?) article date
  • Color tags by age (of most recent article)

Group 3

  • Related article list (for a single article), based on number-of-matching-tags
    • Filter by section / category
    • Second-level sorting by date?
  • Limit cloud to a specific category

Group 4

  • Multi-tag search (tag1 + tag2)
    • General boolean logic ((tag1 or tag2) and tag3)

Group 5

  • Grouped index of tags – by section, category, alphabetical, etc
    • show articles for each tag?
    • single page per group
    • show tags (on the admin side) based on the category/section chosen
    • see Markus’s forum post about it
  • Grouping related keywords (admin-side)
  • Grouped-tag search (public side)
  • Color tags by category / section

Group 6

  • Move admin-side tag cloud to a better location (for big clouds)
  • Auto-complete typing in the Keywords field (admin-side)

Group “eventually”

  • mintagcount / maxtagcount, but based on percentages
  • Show a “related” cloud for general search-result pages (or other custom-generated article lists)
  • “There are [x] posts tagged: [tag_name]”
  • Alphabetical listing of articles in tag search result
  • Figure out Markus’s ideas about tagging, from the “Pivot” site (see forum post)
  • Sub-tags

Group “depends on the next release of Textpattern”

  • RSS feeds for individual tags